Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

December 17, 2009 in Kiosk

As part of Southwest’s commitment to improving the airport experience for its passengers following the Sept.11, 2001, terrorist attacks they installed over 250 check-in kiosks across the US. Southwest valued face-to face interaction with their customers, but wanted to offer more options to help speed them through the check-in process. These bilingual kiosks allow them to give their customers an alternative to standing in line, without sacrificing the overall level of service they received. By deploying its RAPID CHECK-IN kiosk program, Southwest was not only able to offer its customers the convenience of self-service check-in, but could also free up some of its agents to focus on delivering face-to-face customer service, as well as more complex ticket transactions.

Below is the animated flash sequence created as an attract loop for use on all the Southwest kiosks.

I was the Art Director and Graphic Designer for this American regional airline kiosk which enabled the customer to check in, check baggage, select seats and print boarding passes. Environmental factors, such as lighting and weather conditions were considered when creating the interface, plus alternate colour schemes and font sizes were used to create a version for the visually impaired.

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