The Forbidden City: Beyond Space and Time

The Forbidden City: Beyond Space and Time

December 7, 2009 in Award-winning, e-learning, Portfolio, Web

“The Forbidden City: Beyond Space and Time is the world’s first online virtual world dedicated to a country’s cultural heritage.”

“This is presented as a three-dimensional replica of the square-kilometer palace grounds called The Virtual Forbidden City. The project partners’ goal was to create an experience that is as authentic as possible by being true to important Chinese principles of balance and harmony.

Rather than being an isolating virtual experience, the Virtual Forbidden City allows visitors to see and interact with each other and with a wide range of volunteers, staff, and automated characters. To welcome the broadest range of visitors, a simple, easy to use interface guides interactions with the Virtual Forbidden City. As they explore, visitors can choose to simply observe the buzz of activity, participate in activities that provide insights into important aspects of the Qing dynasty, or even take guided tours that uncover new insights into the stories of the Forbidden City.
The principal goal of the project is to provide the means for a worldwide audience to celebrate and explore Chinese culture and history.”

-Forrester Groundswell Awards.

This project was an absolute joy. Not only did I get to work with an international design team, I also had the excitement of working on the interface for the first ever 3D online museum. I also designed accurate period costumes for avatars, which will be added to the portfolio at a later date. These selected screens were part of my contribution to the overall look and feel.

The IBM introduction and a video (plus transcript) can be seen here.

starWinner: Forrester Groundswell Award



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