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4 years ago, I climbed Kilimanjaro. Almost. Fortunately my camera worked better than my legs. At the end of the 5th day I made it to the high base camp at 16,800 ft, from there I could see the glacier. I did not summit the next morning, but High Camp was well beyond my modest goal of lasting 3 days and seeing the Lava Tower.

This climb was done as a fundraising effort for the Canadian Foundation for Infectious Diseases and we raised a total of $210,000. See more here.

Below are some of my pictures, they may take a short while to load. The rest of the photos are on my Flickr page.
In shot 12, I’m the idiot wearing the hat with the bear ears and about 8 layers of clothing. That photo was taken just before I walked into camp for the last time. In the picture taken after that (but not shown here) I’m weeping uncontrollably from happiness, and perhaps delirium. I could dedicate an entire blog to that trip, sifting through the minutiae of each remarkable day. I may do that yet – but for now I’ll leave it at this; if you ever have the opportunity to attempt this climb, take it. You will learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. I learned that I was much stronger mentally than I would ever have believed. I learned that I was capable of trusting a complete stranger with my life. I learned that I valued friendship over personal glory.
I also learned what it was like to vomit from exhaustion. There are no pictures of that.

That  I know  of.

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